Innovative Technique. Traditional Care.


Innovative Technique. Traditional Care.

Dental Care for Everyone

Everyone deserves excellent dental care that leads to an overall healthier and happier you.

At Hazel Green Dental, we help you get there. It starts with our experienced team of dental professionals using the most advanced technologies and techniques to achieve the greatest outcomes in oral health. We believe this evolves into a richer life with more opportunities for our patients. We are proud to offer affordable services for every member of your family, both children and adults.


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Dental Cleanings

It’s important to receive dental cleanings twice a year to maintain oral health. Our preventative care includes cleanings, periodontal (gum) therapy, sealants and advanced therapies for special conditions. We recommend that children have their first appointment before they turn two.




Direct Restoration

More commonly referred to as dental fillings, these modern tooth-colored, light-cured composite and glass ionomer materials restore teeth to their original condition. We strive to achieve restorations that look, feel and perform like natural teeth.

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Restorative Dentistry


Crowns & Bridges

Badly worn-down or missing teeth can be restored with ceramic crowns and bridges. Our restorations contain no unsightly metal and remain beautiful for decades when cared for properly.

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Dental Implants

As a relatively new and exciting advancement in the industry of dentistry, implants are fast becoming a more viable solution for replacing missing teeth or stabilizing dentures. Dental implants look and feel like your own teeth. They improve comfort, eating, speech and self-esteem, while preserving natural tooth tissue for improved oral health.


Oral Surgery

As a last resort, we safely and effectively remove teeth that are beyond repair. Conscious sedation is available upon request. Aside from impacted wisdom teeth, we can perform all oral surgeries in our office.



When decay approaches the nerve of a tooth, it may be necessary to remove the nerve to prevent further pain or discomfort. We offer this endodontic (root canal) service in our office, using state-of-the-art rotary instruments that make this a painless and quick procedure lasting less than an hour.



Dentures & Partials

Dentures dramatically improve your smile and allow the mouth to function properly due to missing teeth. Our dentists determine which device is necessary depending the number of missing teeth or the reason for a missing tooth.



Teeth Whitening

Who wouldn’t love a smile that’s bright and white! Our team offers several options to get the whiteness you’re searching for. Bleaching delivers immediate results in our office. Tray whitening can be done in your home and is generally less expensive. Call our office or consult with a team member during your next appointment to determine which method works best for you.



We use the latest technology to fabricate custom biteguards in our office laboratory. After taking custom impressions, these can be made to address common conditions such as snoring, grinding teeth and pain associated with TMJ. Additionally, we can create custom sports mouthguards that are proven to protect teeth and prevent concussions.


Six Month Smiles ©

Our professional team offers braces for late teenage and adult patients who wish to straighten their teeth. This innovative system can straighten teeth in as little as six months. You can check out our resources page for videos and testimonials about this program.